Sunday, June 2, 2013


First of all, Dante is in the front garden checking out some new stuff before planting.

"Whilst I is here, I makes 'art'" says he.  "I is da 'fauna' amongst all dis 'flora'"!

"Troof be told, I'm kinda 'fauna' all dis 'flora'.  Is verreh deer to me."

"In fact, I jus' loves hangin' out wif da stuff.  If anyone evah needs an IV, I got lots."

Then Dante moves around to the back yard, where he makes his 'art' in the wild (or so it seems).

"Dis is my wild kingdum", declares Dante.  "An' jus' to clarify, I may be King, but I sure isn't dum."

"I even has Ladybugs-in-waitin'", says he.  "I can reely dig it I tells yoo!"

"In my courtyard we has sum wild flora an' sum flutterbyes.  Dey whisPURR 'bye' as dey flutter on outta here.  But doan worreh, dey'll be back."

"When fings get more serious, I uses enGRAVing as my artful medium (even doe I is reely an extra-large)."

"An' in happiah times, I likes ta use lotsa pops of colour.  Orinj is my fave!"

In reality, art is wherever Dante happens to be.  All he has to do is stand there.