Thursday, June 6, 2013


Dante is thrilled to announce that there are some new additions to his front garden this week!  Potentially, that is.  First Dante must inspect and approve each one.

 "Get outta my way, Domino, dis is impawtant bizness!"

 "OK, let's begin wif da begonia.  It is a plant inna baskit wif bootiful red blossums.  Dere is also sum kinda hangin' vine added fur extra drama -- cuz begonias doan hang out all on dere own.  Dey likes ta has company."

 Heer is a pretty white weigela.  Mama had wun of dese in da old gardin befor dey distroyed efurryfing.  So it is basically a replacemint.  I liked da old wun, so I approves."

 "Howevah, dis wun I has nevah seen befor!  It is a weigela, too, but it is sucha gorjuss deep pink colour ...

 ... it sertainly smells good, too!"

 "Duzn't taste too shabbeh, eidah!!! Mmmmmm!"

 "I has always PURRided myself on my good taste in plants.  Dis is a noo breed of weigela called "Wine & Roses".  Da flowahs is a rose colour an' da leafs turn to a wine colour wen da blooms are finished."

 "I jus' cant get enuff of dis wun!"

"Mmmmm, is heavenleh!"

 "Dat weigela is so addictif, I jus' had to pull myself togeddah for a minit.  It shur looks good frum dis angle, too!"

 "Dese noo bushes has my utmost aPURRoval, and dey meets my standahds of good taste.  Now I hasta go find Dada so he kin plant 'em."

"OK, Dada -- get to work.  Chop!  Chop!  An' yoo kin plant does spireas an' PURRiwinkles whilst yoor at it."

Dante is nothing if not a demanding tastemaster AND taskmaster.  He has really set the bar high (especially 'cause he wants to keep it out of Dada's reach).  No time for dillydallying when there's planting to be done.