Friday, July 19, 2013


These are some pictures from a few years ago at the height of squirrel-hunting season.  The little beasts certainly weren't frightened of Dante -- in fact, they seemed quite drawn to him!

So I took a squirrel-eyed view of the situation from a near-by tree.  Sure enough, they would always park themselves a short distance from Dante and basically look him square in the eye.  They must know that Dante would never hurt them.  Dante is a gentle giant and does everything he can to sublimate his natural instincts in such circumstances because he knows that life is very PURRecious in all its forms.

Take a look for yourself ...

It's obvious that Dante has a great interest in this PURRticular species.  In fact, he's the #1 PURRponent for the ethical treatment of the 'Sciuridae' family as a whole.

"Look but dont touch", says Dante.
"Drool but dont eat.  It's da way ta SALIVATION!"

What a guy!