Saturday, August 31, 2013


Usually, a hat trick refers to something done three times, but Dante takes it to a whole new level.

You may have seen Dante in these outfits sometime in the past, but never before has he worn matching hats!
Dante has taken great care to find just the PURRfect chapeau to accent each outfit.  Why he's becoming a regular fashionista!

Other cats are green with envy when they see Dante all decked out in this green and black ensemble.
"A pox on them!", says he. 

Superman may not have donned such a bonnet, but believe me it takes real courage to brave the outdoors in such a combination!  Dante is so 'elf-assured' his confidence cannot be shaken.
"A real mancat kin ware anyfing he wonts!" declares Dante. 

 Black is back -- on Dante's back at any rate, and he picked just the right offbeat topPURR to go with his 'bad boy' image.  Instead of pumping iron to keep in shape for all those gangstah tussles, Dante chooses only to pump 'kin'!
"If yoo gots 'kin' watchin' yoor back, no bodies kin hurt yoo!", he asserts.

Dante definitely does NOT identify with Tiger Woods!   
"Da only tigahs I deals wif comes frum da jungull".

 On the lighter side, Dante also enjoys being footloose and fancy free!
"Buttahflies may be free, but dey doan has any feet", remarks he who prefers to keep his on the ground.

Dante definitely likes to be 'in the pink' because it's a sign of good health.  Of course, being totally self-PUSSessed, he wears pink with total elan.
"If 'Hello Kitteh' finks it's pretteh, is good enuff fur me!"

Dante's feline dapPURR in his houndstooth cap!  It goes so well with his striped winter sweater, one would think they were actually made for each other.
"Lotsa dog teef wuz used in da makin' of dis hat, but dey wuz all removed painlessly first, by da doggie dentist.  I do has SUM ethicks, yoo noe!"

At the very least, those poor woofies weren't hounded to death and any tooth that was extracted was first and 'formost' mostly for the benefit of the hounds in question.  (I say 'mostly' because Dante was obviously a beneficiary, too.)

So Dante's Hat Trick is very tricky indeed.  As you can tell from this last case, he had to go above and beyond to find every one of them.

All I can say is "Hat's off to Dante!".  You might as well give them to him because he'll find a way to get them anyway.