Friday, October 18, 2013


All I have to do is wish that Dante be hatted, and 'poof', it is so!  This is not to imply that Dante, himself, is a poof, even though his fur is rather poofy.  And at times, like right now, he could be termed a metrosexual with his bowtie fetish and all.

Dante is a cat of many facets -- kind of like a diamond in the ruff.  Actually, Dante's ruff is more spectacular than any diamond I've ever seen!  Witness ...

 Here is Dante 'ruffing it' in his plaid rustic cap and complementary bowtie.

 Sometimes Dante likes to cap things off, especially when a red, red robin comes bob, bob, bobbin' along!

And if he's feelin' kind of squirrelly, Dante finds it best to change outfits to get a whole new PURRspective on life.  Sometimes it's better just to sit still and observe.

When he's feelin' rather punk, he lets off steam by switching into his leather steampunk hat and coordinating tie.  "I likes ta enCOMPASS all kinds of style", says he. "An' wearin' steampunk is good fur my self-eSTEAM -- no doubt!"

So let's let bygones, be bygones and be gone.