Friday, October 11, 2013


It's pheasant hunting season again!  This time Dante is all prepared.  He is trying to blend in by wearing his pheasant-feather cap, but I don't really think the pheasants are fooled.

In fact, I think the pheasants are mocking Dante with their cocky strut and their scratchy screeches. Behind his back they are actually calling him a jerk.

"I'm reely not into huntin'", says Dante.  "All I wanna do is engage in confursation -- exchange a few pheasantries, is all."

"We're not gonna be more feddahs in yoor cap -- or da food on yoor Fanksgivin' table!" remark the pleasantly plump poultry.  "We're not exchangin' anyfing with yoo -- anyware, anytime." 

And the moral of this tale?  
When it comes to poultry, pheasants are paltry pickin's!