Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Today, it is warmer and sunnier.  This is our front yard in light and shadow.

Before winter is over, I wanted to do one more Winter Petrospective of Dante.  He is truly outstanding against the snow.  You might want to 'biggify' each picture to appreciate its true impact.

 Even on a gray day, Dante glows.

 Dante really digs winter!

He likes to point things out in deTAIL.

Here he is posing at the front door.  I think he does very well, even without opPOSEable thumbs! 

 And here's Dante on the back deck taking a very forceful stance.
"I'mma force ta be reckoned wif", says he.

 When the sun shines in the back yard, so does Dante.

Being a standout in Winter, is no mean feet!
"Dey gets reely cold if yoo stands in one spot fur too long", remarks he.

So, I don't think Dante will mind when Winter's finally behind him.

Even though Winter is very cool (frigid, actually), we hope that Spring is at the end of that rainbow.  So stay tuned for a Dante SPURRing Petrospective coming to a blog close to you, real soon.