Friday, February 14, 2014


Dante made his fiance, Sascha, a gorgeous Valentine which truly expresses his love for her.

Love is not only in their hearts, but in the air, as well.

For Valentine's Day, Sascha booked a tour of Russian art and architecture for Dante and herself, in Moscow.  They are both very interested in the history of Russia, and it's beginnings in the Byzantine empire, which has influenced so many of their buildings.

They are both out and about in their Russian Ushanka hats, and matching fur muffs.  During their tour, they also PURRused the shops for authentic Russian folk art, including Matroyshka dolls, of course -- and fabulous Faberge eggs, which are an art unto themselves.

Dante bought Sascha a beautiful Faberge egg necklace to match her fur coat.

And Sascha bought Dante a blue silk tie, with the Russian Coat of Arms emblazoned upon it, as a souvenir.

What a marvelous adventure they had!  At the end of the day, after having a romantic dinner together, they returned to Sochi to continue their Olympic experience.  After all there were many more competitions to come.

Dante couldn't resist buying Sascha one more thing for Valentine's Day.

"Dis will remind yoo of me wen I'm not around", says Dante to Sascha.  "He's not kwite as cuddly as me, but he's da next best fing."

"Yoo are de wun and only target of my affeckshuns, darlink Sascha -- an' I doan need any target PURRactice fur dat ...

... cuz my love fur yoo is straight as an arrow!"