Friday, March 14, 2014


Even though close-ups of Dante are something to behold, there's more to him than just facial beauty.

 "Butt before I turns my back on yoo, let's jus' face it!"

 "My backside isn't as fluffeh as my front side, butt ...

 ... my backside's biggest attrackshun is my tail!  Isn't it lovfurly?"

 "My tail is kwite long so I kin wrap it around me if I gets cold."

 "I likes ta wave it like a flag wherevah I goes!"

 "Sumtimes it feels like it has a life allah its own."

 "One fing fur shur -- I kin always count on my tail to back me up."

 "It's dere cum rain, shine or stormy weddah -- no shadow of a doubt."

"Wot kin I say -- it's one of da hi-lites of my existence." 

"An' best of all, dis tail always has a happeh ending!"