Monday, March 3, 2014


Dante is out in the cold air and blustery March wind.

Dante has extended fur tufts on his ears, not only to keep him warm, but to gauge which way the wind is blowing.

Here, up close, you can see the wind whipping not only his fur coat but his ear tufts, as well.

In this case, it appears that the wind is coming from the Northeast.
A good old "Nor'Easter" can cause lots of trouble, but luckily Dante lives far enough inland from the East Coast that the winds are mitigated by the time they reach his ears.

But unless you are up close and PURRSonal with Dante, it's hard to see which way the wind is actually blowing.

He needs something like a windsock to signal the direction of the wind from a distance -- like they do at airports.
(Who knew that the wind wears socks?)

 The red and white stripes of the windsock made Dante think of his friend, "The Cat in the Hat".
 "Hey dood, do ya fink I cud borrow yoor hat?", asked Dante.

"Why, yes you may, On this windy March day", replied "The Cat in the Hat".

So Dante donned "The Cat in the Hat's" red and white striped top hat, and he tied it securely under his chin.

"Now you can not only see the wind, but you can harness it's power!", says he.

"And if that's not enough
To show your real stuff
Why simply break wind"
Said "The Cat" as he grinned!