Sunday, July 13, 2014


In the summer Dante just loves to explore the great outdoors and he is especially fond of the woods.

Why don't we follow him on his journey of discovery?

 "In da woods you kin clime up on branches an' has a nap in da trees!"

 "'Cept yoo hasta share wif sum pesky skwirrels, an' sum of dem has even joined da pawpaw-ratsies!"

 "In da woods dere's lotsa wildflowahs to pick!"

 "An' deep in da woods yoo nevah noes wot yoo mite find.  It's sertainly sumfin to PONDah."

"I also enjoys roamin' fru meadows undah deep blue sunneh skies.  An' efurrytime I picks a daisy I finks of my troo love, Sascha." 

"Meadows is great fur buttahfly-watchin'.  Sumtimes I chases dem, too.  An' efurry wunce inna wile I catches wun wif my bare paws!" 

"Meadows is a good place ta be idle -- in fact yoo mite say dey is raddah idyllic!"

"I kin tell I'm almos' home wen I hits da deck!  Looks like its time fur Dada ta get out da lawnmowah."

 "Even doe I luvs ta explore, da best pawt is comin' home again to my verreh own gardin ware I kin jus' chillax!"

The End