Thursday, July 31, 2014


Dante is surveying the garden from the large front step.

He is wondering what he will show you today.  Then it hits him!
"I has alreddy showed yoo what's in da gardin, but yoo has not seen wot's all around it."

So he sits at the very far right side of the front walkway. 

 "Heer we has a hangin' plant and one in a pot on da ground."

 Now Dante has moved closer to the edge of the garden itself.

 "All around da gardin edge are rivah rocks in a liddle trench.  Dis is fur drainage aftah it rains."

 "We has various gardin ornamints -- an' all of dem is cats.  Heer of course are our kitteh buddahs sittin' on a tiny gardin bench."

 "Dis is anuddah kitteh ornamint.  He is holdin' a leaf dat has a liddle mousie on its edge."

 "Yoo kin put fings in da leaf -- like nuts, or seeds -- or even yoor tail!"

"Heer is two moar gardin kittehs.  Dese is Mama's fafurite -- aren't dey pretteh?"

 "My fafurite ornamint is dis tree!  I like to sit undah it cuz it's shady."

 "Yoo kin also get a good view of da rest of da gardin frum here -- an' da naypurr's yard, as well."

"Sumtimes I looks out on da street frum dis side of da tree.  I kin see dem, but dey can't see me!  Haha!"

 "An' sumtimes I sits on da uddah side of da tree -- speshully wen I see crittahs in my gardin.  It's a great spot fur stalkin'!"

"On da fah left edge of da gardin, we has a stone kitteh -- well, it looks like stone annehways."

"An' jus' beside dat is a green gardin bench.  It's good fur sittin' on, but I prefurs to lie undahneath cuz I likes ta keep hiddin."

Well, that wraps up the tour for today, as Dante takes his repose in the wicker chair on the front porch.
"It's da best place ta relax, speshully wen I bin on edge fur too long."

"Bee good efurrywun!"