Saturday, January 24, 2015


This is Dante wearing his new sweater.  I had ordered it before Christmas, but it only arrived in time for his birthday on January 15th.  So these are actually birthday pix.

The sweater is mostly gray with a bright red ribbed collar.  It has a coordinating applique on the back which we will reveal in the last picture posted.

 The sweater is comfy around the neck, very roomy overall, and just the right length.  Not too big, and not too small.

This means that Dante is happy to wear the sweater, especially since it covers his hips which are his problem area.

 You can see Dante's happy face, here, as he nonchalantly shows it off!

"Atta boy!!!"

Finally Dante's had enough of modelling, at least outdoors, so he's letting his wishes be known.

 "C'mon Mama -- let me in, willya, pretteh pleez?"

At that I turned towards the front door, only hesitating a moment to take one last shot of the reindeer on the back of Dante's sweater.

He's such a 'deer boy', after all.

"That's OK, Dante -- you deserve a break."