Thursday, January 15, 2015


Today, Dante has become a teenager.  This is his thirteenth birthday!

Here he is in his birthday crown sitting on his outdoor throne befitting his Kingly status.  The years have not dimmed his beauty one iota.  Dante is still the hottest mancat in the blogosphere!

Hip, hip hooray!  Hip, hip hooray!

"Oh, an' speakin' of hips, I cud use a noo wun", says Dante.  "My old wun has Arthuritis."

Note:  'Arthuritis' (named after King Arthur) is the arthritis of Kings.

If it was within my power, I'd wave my magic wand and get you a hip replacement, Dante, but unfortunately it's not (within my power, that is).  But I can give you my mystical healing hands treatment.  That always makes you feel better for a while!

So, let's all send our healing powers Dante's way so he can have a sprightly 13th birthday.

Now, just relax, Dante, and let all those healing powers sink in.   
"Ahhhhhh!  Dat's much bettah!"

"OK, Sascha, c'mon -- let's dance!!!"