Thursday, June 16, 2016


Dante is sitting on the front porch chair waiting to take you on a tour of the other side of the garden.

 "Yes", says Dante.  "Yoo kin see dat da gardin cums around by da side of da house, too.  Let me take yoo fur a closah look."

 "Dere is a sittin' area rite beside da frunt steps wif a cast iron an' wood bench an' little tables wif cat ornimints.  Mama is parshul ta buddhas."

 "On de uddah side of da post is a trellus wif sum 'climb-at-us-es'."

 "It has several diffurent colours of flowahs climbin' at us.  Sum is pink, sum is white and sum is purrple."

 "On de uddah side of da bench area is anuddah bench an' a pot of plantid begonias ."

 "An' behine dat bench are my belovid hydrangahs.  Let me take yoo back up to da frunt porch."

"On de uddah side of the frunt porch is a gorjuss hangin' plant.  Da red an' wite flowahs is fewshas but even Mama duzn't know da name of da pure red wuns -- but dey shur is speCATular!"

"Dis is Dante signin' off so until next time, bye bye!"

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pilch92 said...

Beautiful clematis, thank you for the tour Dante.