Thursday, June 9, 2016


Mind you Dante's in the garden every day (when it's not raining), but Thursday is when he likes to show it off.

 Dante's lying at a center point in the garden, and here's what he has to say.
"Dis is a widah shot of my gardin, incloodin' da birdbaf dat I alreddy showed you.  We has plantid four hostas, some spirea bushes which is just startin' ta bloom, and acourse da bootifull wite weigela bush."

 "Heer's a close-up of me beside the bush which ackshully has some pale pink blooms as well.  Dis also shows summa Mama's treasured garden cats which she puts out efurry year.  Aren't dey pritty?"

"An' heer rite behine my tail is a hydrangah bush which is jus' startin' ta grow.  Sumtimes it has blue blossums but only if da soil has enuff aloominum.  Dis year dey will probably be pink or white.  Furdah up behine me is our gardin feature which Dada put up last year.  It's got sum clematis startin' to climb it.  An' den acourse dere's da purriwinkles which is slowly takin' ovah all da empty space in the gardin.  An' to my rite is ...

 ... my fafurite weigela bush wif dark pink blossums and a heavenly scent.  I kin nevah get too much of dem."

 "I fink yoo cud say we has a verrrry close relashunship!"

"An' dat's da point!"

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