Friday, January 20, 2017


Here's Dante in the winter of 2009.

Just like Superman, Dante has his own Fortress of Solitude.  Being a Maine Coon he is right at home in the snow, and enjoys the winter weather.

Dante was an extremely 'typey' Maine Coon, meaning that he was a good representative of Maine Coon characteristics.

Of course, Maine Coons get quite large because they take up to four years to mature completely. They have medium-long fur with a ruff around the neck.  The fur on their backs is water-repellant and smooth, while the fur on their underbelly is long and shaggy.  They have lynx-like ears, tufts of fur between their toes, and an extravagant tail that is sometimes reminiscent of a luxurious feather.  Their eyes are known for being large, oblique and intelligent.

In the picture above, Dante displays all of these characteristics and more.  Dante was (and is) just my type!

Case study or basket case?

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Deziz World said...

What a handsum boy. We Rags take 4 years to fully mature as well, but we don't do well in da snow. Hope ya'll are stayin' warm and toasty. Big hugs

Luv ya'

Dezi and Raena