Sunday, October 8, 2017


Here's Dante in his turkey hat from October 2014.  Canadians celebrate the end of harvest earlier than our southern neighbours because, of course, the harvest comes sooner here.  So our Thanksgiving Day is always the second Monday in October, though many folks have their celebratory dinner on Sunday instead.

Dante didn't care which day we had turkey, as long as he had his share.

Dante was always in his element at this time of year.  He fit right in with the landscape.  In fact he blended in so well (without benefit of his hat and tie) that our back yard wild life were hard pressed to locate him.  Talk about being inCATnito!

Squirrels would come out to play with no fear of a giant orange cat pouncing upon them.  Truth be told they were safe because Dante's belly was so full of roast turkey that he could barely even move.

There's nothing like the full experience of a Canadian Thanksgiving to bring one plenty (including a few extra pounds)!

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pilch92 said...

Great Thanksgiving photo.