Thursday, May 2, 2013


Dante is a feline gardener who likes to get right down in the dirt.  After all, part of the joy of gardening is feeling the earth between your toes.

Dante has made this enjoyable task all the more fun by coming up with dance moves.  He's really digging it in more ways than one!

 "Heer I am in da front gahdin.  I'm gonna shows yoo summa my best dirteh dancin' mooves."

"Yoo has herd of da Rumba, well dis is da BUMBA -- jus' gets down an' shakes it!"

 And Dante finishes off every dirty dance with a fancy flourish!
"Fancy a dance wif me?", he asks.

 Dante is pure poet-TREE in motion!
"I'm a poet an' I noes it", says he.

"Before I shows yoo summa my best back yahd dance steps, let's take a look at wot's happenin' wif da trees." 

The sunset maple is studded with little red maple leaf buds.  There's nothing more Canadian.  Even our flag has a red maple leaf on it.

The crabapple tree has little green buds on it.  We just can't wait until they open and the blossoms come out!

Now that we showed you what's new, Dante wants to demonstrate one of his very best dirty dancing moves.
"Put yoor left paw in, put yoor left paw out ...

"Put yoor left paw in, an' yoo shakes it all about!"
It may be kind of hokey -- maybe even a little pokey, but if you look this good doing it, who cares?  Dante can certainly be proud of himself and his gardening styles.  And so he leaves you with his tail held high!

That's it until next time, folks!

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