Thursday, May 9, 2013


If you have come over from "Wendy's 3-D Cats", you will know that Dante's sister, Domino, had tried to usurp his territory.  In the end, though, she had to admit that PURRhaps Dante was better able to take care of the fledgling garden.  After all, he has much more experience!

Dante is proud to show off this work-in-PURRogress.  "Is fah frum finished", says he "but I luvs a good challenge!"

 "Dis is da noo walkway right off da driveway.  Dada plantid three hostas at da start of da walk.  Den dere is a spirea (one of three) and a hydrangea (one of three)."

 Hosta #1

 Hosta #2

 Hosta #3

 Spirea #1

 "Dese guys is all named HERB an' dey doan belongs here!  Mama is gonna move dem to da back yard into pots on da deck."

"Behine me is Hydrangea #2 dat Dada plantid, an' Spirea #3 dat still needs ta be plantid." 

 "Oh, an' lets not furget da juniPURR tree!  Itz gonna put down itz roots rite here at da side of da house."

 "But back to da main gahdin!  I hasta check fings out first paw."

 "Dis is Hydrangea #1 again.  It is supposta be bloo wen it blooms.  Apparentleh, it is hawd ta keep it bloo doe, an' it will needs sum speshual treatmint."

 "Mebbe if I cozies up ta it ...

 ... dat will help!  A liddle TLC nevah hurts, dat's fur sure."

"So dis compleets our gahdin tour fur now.  I'm gonna get aftah Mama ta move HERBS so we kin make room fur moar plantin'.  Beleeves me, we has onleh jus' begun!"

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