Thursday, May 16, 2013


This week Dante is in the back yard.

 "Rite now, it's bloomin' all ovah back heer!  Efurryware yoo look dere's sumfin noo."

"Da crabapple tree is in full blossum!"

"Heer yoo kin see da sunset maple, too.  Da red buds turned into green leafs, but da crabapple ...

 ... bustid out into bootiful white blossums!"

"So now da birds DO IT ...

... and da bees DO IT!

 "Oops, pawdon!  I guess yoo two wonts to be alone.

 "Da udder fing dat's noo is that Mama finally plantid HERBS in dere pot."

"She tole me dat HERBS names is ackshully ROSEMARY, THYME an' BASIL." 

 "An' wen I looks across da yard, wot doo I see?"

"Da lilacks is bloomin' TWO!  Dis is jus' wunna dem.  I fink it's French.  Bonjour lilack!"

 "An' if yoo looks a liddle to da rite, lilack #2 is jus' burstin' wif blooms.  It's flowers are a liddle paler but is much bushier."

"Dat's all I has fur now.  I hopes yoo enjoyed da show!"

Until next time, Dante bids you "Adieu!"

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