Saturday, January 25, 2014


These are pictures of Dante taken earlier this month.  It was a relatively mild day and he decided to do a walk-about.

Here he is at the starting point, just raring to go -- or in his case, roaring to go!

A walk along the snow-covered foot path seems to be in order, because in order to get anywhere you have to put one foot in front of the other.

 "Wot a SITuashun!", says he.

 "Ackshully, yoor butt gets cold wen yoo stops fur too long, so I best get going."

 Dante PAWSes by the juniPURR which he finds "Verrrrrrry Interesting!"

 Scent-marking the bottom of the bay window will surely keep efurryone else at bay.  N'est-ce-PAW?

"Hmmmm ... dis seems up-to-scratch, too", Dante says approvingly.

 "So why does I still has a bad taste in my mouf?"

 Because there's no accounting for it, Dante -- taste, that is!

 And so, because he's nothing if not symmetrical, Dante ventures back to whence he came.

Dante has come full circle once again.
"Dat's life!" he exclaims.

"And it's verreh fulfillin'."

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