Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Dante's out on the front bench keeping as warm as possible in his stylish sweater.

People think Maine Coons don't mind cold weather and that their abundant fur will keep them insulated from harsh conditions.  This PURRticular Maine Coon, however, is a bit of a pussy.

 "I doan like ta get da shiFURS", says Dante.

 "Besides, is good fur me ta work up a sweat in my stripey sweatah."

 So, off he goes for a walk into the wild white yonder that is our front yard.  Do you think that sweater needs to be a little longer PURRhaps?  Oh well, at least it's worth 'tocking' about.

 It isn't long before Dante is totally bushed.  Then suddenly, he twigs to something!

And so, even though it's still January, he Marched back to the front porch to find some real shelter.

"Let's face it", says Dante, "Mebbe I'm a Maine Coon, but I like my creechur comfurts!"
(Note:  If you take a close look, Dante has been framed by a multitude of faces.)

And when he wants back inside, all Dante does is give me that aDOORable look of his, so I'll open it up.  Who could resist?  Certainly not I.

Now who's the pussy?