Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Today is Dante's twelfth birthday!  It seems like just yesterday that he was a tiny kitten (well, maybe not so tiny, but a kitten nonetheless).

Dante is wearing his Birthday Crown, complete with golden candles.  His hat and royal robes are trimmed in ermine -- befitting the King that he is.  He's holding his scepter upside down after spearing a nice fish for his birthday dinner.  He has birthday balloons, presents and lots of folks who wish him a happy birthday, yet there's still something missing.

After all, what does efurry King want ...


... and pine for ...

... and dream about ...

... but his Queen!

Sascha has arrived wearing her royal garb, and bringing birthday gifts, balloons -- and most of all her LOVE!

Knowing Dante's penchant for fish, she baked this special cake for him.  So now they can have a birthday dinner made with the fresh fish that he caught this morning, and a fish cake for dessert.  How marvelous is that?

But Sascha had one more surprise for Dante.  In the envelope there were tickets to the "Snow Ball" for that very evening!

So off they went to dance the night away on the newfallen snow.  How romantic!  They REALLY had a ball.

And later that night ...

... when they were finally back home, Dante disrobed and did his own dance just for Sascha.  I'll leave it up to your imagination what happened after that.

It's a birthday TAIL fit for a King, that's fur sure!