Saturday, August 13, 2016


Here's another enlightening picture of Dante from 2009.  Even then he loved to sit in amongst the bushes; these ones actually belonged to our next-door neighbours.  He liked to conceal himself and observe from within.  You might even say he was 'spying'.

If you are as old as I am, i.e., someone who grew up in the '60s, you may be able to relate.  This picture of Dante always reminds me of Artie Johnson (of the TV Show 'Laugh-In') whose German spy character was always peering through bushes and remarking on what he saw as being ....

... "Verrrrrrrrrry Interesting!"

I sure hope there are lots of bushes on the Bridge from which Dante can still watch.  It's rather comforting to think he'll always be looking out for us.  And we, in turn, will always be thinking about him.


pilch92 said...

Very cute photo of Dante. I haven't thought of Hogan's Heroes in years :)

TimberLove said...

We stopped to paw respect. Great picture,

Nuk & family