Tuesday, May 5, 2009


These are pictures I took of Dante early yesterday morning. The sun was casting shadows across everything in the yard, including my ginger beast. The light illuminated the edges of his fur and almost made him look angelic (though I know diffurently, of course!).

The various angles of the sun during the day play paintbrush with Dante's lush coat. As the picture in his banner will illustrate, the evening sun can just light him on fire and intensify the red. The morning sun, however, leaves him a muter shade of rusty orange.

At any time of day, Dante is always good fodder for the lens of my camera with his kaleidoscope fur.


8GR8LOLCATS said...

I love the morning light and the sunset light with red-furred cats... the angle of the sun really makes for an interesting and dramatic effect! Dante of course is FABULOUS in any light!

Luna und Luzie said...

Thank you for your comment.
Woah, Dante looks...GREAT!
What a wonderful Maine-Coon-cat. I like his fur shining in the sunlight.
He looks like Lunas half brother Ernie.

jenianddean said...

Yeah, the light changes my furs too. Some days I look very orange, and some days very tan. Dante is a very handsome cat. Looks like he had fun outside.

BooBoo said...

Wow, he's as big and furry as my friend Missy. He sure is nice-looking.

The Island Cats said...

Dante...you look good against the green grass!

Shaggy and Scout said...

Unbelievably handsome pictures!What beautiful fur and what a stunningly handsome face! Such a patient cat too, with all the "beholding" going on in the last post too!
(ok, I'm in love with him!!!) -SSS's Mom

Tuck said...

You are a good sport Dante! I would never sit still for so many pictures!

Willow said...

My goodness, you are such a gorgeous ginger! My sister-cat, China Cat is a ginger too but she has short fur.

Purrrrrrrrrs, Willow