Monday, April 27, 2009


This is a little LOL-story of Dante stalking a grasshopper (pun intended)! Of course, the camera can't detect the little prey who is hiding in the long grass, but he couldn't escape the keen eyes of the mighty hunter.

It was truly hilarious to watch Dante hop from spot to spot, to closely trail the grasshopper.

Here's the English translation for those of you who might find the narrative hard to follow:

1. I am mighty hunter on the hunt.
2. There's something rustling in the grass.
3. Aha! Yes, grasshopper -- I have found you!
4. You can't escape my mighty paws.
5. I'll let you go to see what happens.
6. And then I pounce again with all my force!
7. Maybe I'll have a little taste.
8. Oops! He got away. Slippery little sucker!
9. Hah! Got you again!
10. I love you, grasshopper!
11. At least I love to eat you!
12. Prepare to be my snack, grasshopper.
13. Nom, Nom, Nom ...
14. Hmmmmm, nice and crunchy!
15. But, it's the aftertaste that kills you!


8GR8LOLCATS said...

Grasshoppers are a tasty delicacy in some parts...It's the exoskeleton that gives it the CRUNCHINESS! Dante U R 2 handsome fur words...

Milton said...

Hi ya Dante!
Mine mombean is falling in love with all your orange fluff! She has a thing for orange boys like us.

Great job catching that snack er ..... grasshopper.

BeeChilly said...

Dante Noms again! Does he leave the legs or eat up the whole thing?
I love his bright fur against the fresh green. Surprised the grasshopper didn't see him coming in for bite.

♣icefox♣ said...

Wow, you're lucky that you got all the key points to the LOL-story... unless, of course, there was was some illusion. I could never do that... you have to really slam down on the button to get a picture.

susan said...

very creative!